Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy your wines?

My Prospect of the Okanagan wines are available in BC at BC Liquor Stores, private wine and beverage alcohol retailers, and partner Grocery stores. We are also in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba in provincial liquor stores, private beverage alcohol retailers, and partner Grocery stores.
We are also excited to be served at some of the top leading restaurants and hotels.
We try to be available where wine is sold.

Do you sell your wines in the USA?

Unfortunately, we do not have our wines available in the USA. We are a small BC Okanagan Valley Winery and do not have adequate supply to satisfy our friends in the USA. Try us on your next visit to Canada though!

Where is the Prospect Winery located?
Can we visit the winery?

The Prospect Winery is a virtual winery, so we unfortunately don’t have a place to visit us in the Okanagan… yet. We partner with local BC VQA wineries to bottle my wines.
In the Okanagan Valley, I select grapes from select estate vineyards that are in the process of Organic certification, as well as key partner vineyards that have been farmed in partnership for decades.
We use age-old winemaking and viticulture techniques, coupled with modern technology, such as drone-assisted harvesting and optical grape sorting to give you outstanding quality for value. We hope to develop our own winery location in coming years.


Who is the Winemaker?

Corrie Krehbiel is the Okanagan born and raised winemaker for Prospect of the Okanagan & Prospect of Niagara. Find out more about Corrie here


Are your wines Organic?

Our premium grapes are picked from Okanagan Valley Estate vineyards that are in the process of getting certified as Organic (it takes over 3 years). We sustainably farm all of our vineyards, respecting the land and nature of the Okanagan.

What are your sustainability standards?

We believe in sustainability and minimizing our ecological footprint.
We use sustainably farmed vineyards that are in the process of getting certified Organic. We are also an early adopter of the BC Wine Grape Council’s “BC Sustainable Winegrowing Program” created in 2011.
We use drip irrigation to control vine growth and advance ripening. In our partner Estate vineyards, unmanicured cover crops with a mix of grass, clover, and flowers are a soft approach to weed control, erosion, encourage beneficial insects, and enrich soil with nitrogen and other important nutrients.

Are your wines gluten-free?

Yes – all of our wines are 100% gluten-free.

Are your wines Vegetarian/Vegan?

Unfortunately, we cannot claim vegan-friendly status on our wines as we do occasionally use natural dairy-based products in the fermentation and bottling process.
We recognize that this is an important factor in choosing wine and will continue to monitor the market for viable alternatives to our current winemaking process; to date, we have not found a satisfactory substitute.

Are your wines Kosher?

We unfortunately do not have Kosher certification.