Prospect Winery Shiraz
Robust and bold with lively blackberry, violets and a white pepper finish

In a word, breathtaking! The Okanagan is unlike any other wine region. It has the glacial soils, a cooling effect from the Okanagan Lake, and has desert-like conditions. All of these natural elements contribute to growing great grapes.

Sagebrush in the vineyard helps attract what we call "beneficial insects". These helper bugs are a part of our vineyard team. They do us a huge favour by eating the insects who are more inclined to eat our vines. It's a simple and natural way to keep our vines healthy. I like to craft Shiraz to bring out rich fruit and peppery notes from the fruit in our Southern vineyards, balanced with good acidity that can stand up to a hearty steak or lamb dinner.

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Anything BBQ or hearty: steaks, rack of lamb, burgers, rich tomato pasta sauces, hard aged cheeses. Robust, peppery, and bold!


Nose: Blackberry, violet, cassis, and white pepper

Palate: Big and Bold! Rich berry, dark cherry, cassis, and chocolate notes with a hint of white pepper. Full-bodied